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COVID-19 Booster Vaccine Recommendation

Updated: Aug 24, 2021


Dear Patients,

Dr. Mousa recommends our patients get the COVID-19 booster vaccine. We are currently following the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and the ACR (American college of Rheumatology) guidelines. They are as follows.

· It is recommended that you receive the same manufacturer booster as the previous COVID-19 vaccine you received, if possible.

· The additional vaccine should be administered at least 28 days after completion of the primary vaccine series.

· If you are taking any Rheumatology medication other than Plaquenil or Sulfasalazine it is recommended to hold your medication for 1 week AFTER the booster vaccine. You do not need to hold it prior to the vaccine.

All immunocompromised patients should continue to follow prevention measures, including:

· Wearing a mask

· Staying 6 feet apart from those they don’t live with

· Avoiding crowds and poorly ventilated indoor spaces until advised otherwise by their healthcare provider

· Close contacts of immunocompromised people should be strongly encouraged to be vaccinated against COVID-19

We will continue to follow the CDC and ACR guidelines and will update patients accordingly.


Arthritis & Rheumatology of Southwest Ohio

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